Terms and Conditions:

  1. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $1,000.00 and the credit card guarantee is required for booking. All deposits NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of the reason of the cancellation or postponement. (Visa, Sickness, Any other unforeseen circumstances) (No Exceptions)
  2. The facilities are not considered booked until the contract is signed, full deposit is received and the Finance Department has signed this Reservation Form.
  3. All payments must be made on time for the hall to stay booked. Hall setup may not start unless payment is made. Hall setup may not be in your color choices, if any payment is late.
  4. Booking may be cancelled if entire payment is not received at least 9 days before the event. Deposit will not be refunded, under any circumstances.
  5. All deposits are Non-Refundable; absolutely no exception(s). Any postponement of booking is considered a cancellation.
  6. Per person charge applies to everyone in the party, regardless of the age. (Only for dinner, under 9 years of age are considered half. All other charges apply at adult rate.)
  7. 23.50% G+L+T is added to the total bill. (Total Bill includes ALL charges billed by Gemstone Banquets; Hall Charges and ALL other charges)
  8. This rental agreement is for the specified time and specified hall only. Gemstone reserves the right to switch the hall, in case of Mechanical or other issues.
  9. Gemstone assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items, or any items left behind. Any item left behind may be discarded, regardless of its financial or sentimental value.
  10. Client assumes full responsibility for any damage caused to the facilities by them or by their attendees or guests and agrees to pay for all damages caused by any of its attendees.
  11. Absolutely no tape, tacks or any forms of adhesives should be used on walls, floor or ceiling. Exits must not be blocked and Exit signs must not be covered.
  12. Gemstone may cancel the bookings; if the facility or any part of it is closed due to circumstances outside its control, including but not limited to: Strikes, Mechanical breakdown, Power failure, other Industrial action(s), Fire or Flood at or near Gemstone, Civil unrest, Dispute, Commotion or Act of God.
  13. Gemstone reserves the rights to use the pictures of your event for marketing and/or promotional purposes.
  14. Outside liquor is strictly prohibited. Event will be shut down, and no refund will be made, if you or your guests brought alcohol from outside, regardless of it being consumed or not.
  15. Gemstone will not provide plates, set or cut cake, unless Cake Service is purchased. Gemstone will not be responsible for safekeeping of the cake, in either case.
  16. Absolutely no pets or other animals allowed in any part of the building unless assisting the handicapped. Client is responsible for compliance by everyone attending the event.
  17. Any fabric brought by the client or its decorators, must be fully Fire Retardant, as mandated by the City of Dallas, Fire Department.
  18. Rowdy behavior, loud music or uncontrolled celebration will be a cause for immediate eviction. No money will be refunded. All damages will be charged and billed to the Client.
  19. Client agrees that anyone and everyone attending the event will:
    1. Comply with all licensing, health, safety and other regulations, including noise/sound pollution laws. Not bring any firearms, dangerous or hazardous items to Gemstone.
    2. Not take ANY food out side Banquet Hall. (Left over food is not healthy to be consumed and will be disposed off)
  20. Gemstone staff will meet with you once for up to 30 minutes to show options for linen/lights/centerpieces. Additional meetings/time can be purchased at $150.00 per hour.
  21. $15.00 per person applies to the guests booked for and paid for in advance. Extra guests will be charged at a higher rate of $35.00 per person.
  22. All your invitees, including but not limited to your DJs, Performers, Photographers, Videographers, Dancers, etc are counted as attendees of your event.
  23. Client agrees that Gemstone loses substantial revenue upon the unexpected cancellation of event. The amounts of those losses are often difficult or impossible to determine.
    Accordingly, client agrees that the following payments are fair and reasonable and shall be due and owing to Gemstone as liquidated damages in the event of a cancellation or
    postponement, and applies to both:
    In the event of cancellation or no-show by the client, client agrees to compensate Gemstone Banquets at the following rate:
    1. More than 3 Months * 25% of total revenue
    2. 3 to 2 Months * 50% of total revenue
    3. 2 Months – 16 Days * 75% of total revenue
    4. Within 15 Days * 100% of total revenue
  24. In order for Gemstone to continue holding the hall for your event, the following payment plan must be followed:
    1. At least 50% of total balance due must be paid 60 days before the event date. All payments made are considered part of your deposit and are non-refundable.
    2. At least 75% of total balance must be paid 30 days before the event date. All payments made are considered part of your deposit and are non-refundable.
    3. 100% of the total balance as per the Event Preparation Sheet must be paid in full at least 9 days before the event date.
Event Preparation sheet and complete menu must be turned in at least 9 days before the event, otherwise setup will be in Gemstone's choice of colors.